Appointment of Shakeel Mohammed as a Director, and our growing Valuation Services

I am delighted to congratulate Shakeel Mohammed on becoming a Director at SLM Corporate.

Shakeel joined us as a Senior Manager early last year, after 9 years at Grant Samuel, where he worked extensively with a broad range of ASX listed and unlisted companies on corporate (M&A) transactions and Independent Expert reports. During this period Shakeel developed financial and valuation models on companies and projects, reviewed and analysed client financial models, budgets, forecasts and management reports.

Shakeel has expanded our capabilities significantly in these areas and joins Kuo ning Ho, Eugene Tong and me as Directors at SLM.

Over the past year we have completed a large and growing number of independent valuations for existing and new clients. Some of our diverse valuation assignments have included:
• Valuation review for the proposed acquisition of an offshore supermarket chain for the private acquirer
• Valuation of a high end overseas fashion retail chain for the private acquirer
• Valuation for impairment testing of a dairy packaging and distribution business for an ASX listed acquirer
• Valuation of the shares in a financial services company for the private vendor
• Valuation of the shares in a local bakery business for the private vendor
• Valuation of a workplace health consulting business for the private acquirer
• Valuation of private ophthalmology group for a private vendor
• Valuation of a communications service provider for the private vendor
• Valuation for impairment testing of 3 investment services businesses for an ASX listed acquirer
• Valuation of an Asian specialty distribution business for an ASX listed vendor
• Valuation for an ASX listed company on the sale to a related party of a consultancy providing services to pharmaceutical companies
• Valuation report, merger of ASX co with international water purification company
• Litigation expert valuation report (commercial) for a car park owner and manager
• Litigation expert valuation report (matrimonial), significant listed company equity interests
• Valuation of the non-voting shares in an online ordering business, for the acquiror
• Valuation of escrow shares and cash rights, sale of automotive repairs business
• Valuation of intellectual property, licenses and trademarks, private dairy vendor
• Valuation of a privately held chain of health clubs
• Valuation for impairment testing of intangible assets in biotechnology relating to respiratory technology
• Valuation for ASX listed biotech, for demerger transaction
• Valuation review, shareholder dispute private real estate rent roll
In addition, during the year we also valued performance rights, options (listed and unlisted), convertible notes and share based payments for ASX listed companies in a variety of sectors including Exploration, Mining, Biotech, Industrial, Agricultural, Dairy, Technology, Financial.

Established in 1999, SLM – – provides a range of financial and strategic advisory services.

The firm undertakes three broad areas of work:
• Transaction advice, including mergers, acquisitions, sales and capital raisings for both listed and privately owned companies;
• Expert reports (valuations, economic consulting, strategy, litigation, economic assessments, reward structuring and remuneration benchmarking);
• Originating investment opportunities for our network

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